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Race Reqs

Race Helper requires 1,500,000tps and you to be at least 10k in level.
First Trans:               20% Evil Karma
Second Trans:              20 eats and 15 kills.
Third Trans:               40 eats.
Fourth Trans:              80 eats.
Fifth Trans:               50 absorbs.
Sixth Trans:               80 absorbs.
Note:  ONLY the third majin form is revertable.

Bio Warrior and Namek:
First Trans:               reach level 35000.
Second Trans:              reach level 80000.
Others:                    should be able to after 2nd trans.

First Trans:               10 infects and evil karma.
Second Trans:              50 infects and 20% evil karma.
Golden Oozaru:             available after second trans.
Third Trans:               100 infects.
Fourth Trans:              200 infects.
Note:  The final two trans' and the Golden Oozaru forms are revertable.

Bio Android:
First Trans:              10 absorbs.
Second Trans:             30 absorbs.
Others:                   should be able to trans whenever.
Note:  ONLY the third form is revertable.

First Trans:              2 micro chips and 25 kills.
Second Trans:             50 kills.
Third Trans:              100 kills.
Fourth Trans:             200 kills.
Fifth Trans:              350 kills.
Sixth Trans:              500 kills.

**************~Earth NPCs~***************

Banker: 5432211
Barber: 5432233
Broker: 9384736
Bulma: 5534561
Dende: 6574567
Dr Briefs: 1242351
Goku: 2290876
Korin: 5564321
Krillin: 5321659
Master Roshi: 9987654
Shop Keeper (Clothing): 5445677
Shop Keeper (Weights): 4456744
Shop Keeper (Misc): 8879554
Tien: 8876976
Trunks: 7234561
Vegeta: 7227361
Videl: 2245332
Yamcha: 1356437

************~Planet Namek NPCs~************

Frieza: 1980776
Guru: 6678554
Piccolo: 2254343

************~Future NPCs~************

Tapion: 2290876
Yadrat: 2291346

************~Other World NPCs~************

Dabura: 2234155
King Kai: 2215368
Supreme Kai: 3317954
Supreme Kai: 3317954


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