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Game Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:39 am


-You CANNOT disrespect administration. Report issues with administration on the forums.
-Don't spam text chats. Result: Mute/Ban
-Don't ask for free GM. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot
-Don't ask for a Boost/Edit. -This includes absorbs. Result: Mute/Jail/Ban
-Don't complain about deaths. Use the Safe Zone if you want to avoid combat. Result: Mute/Jail/Other
-Don't abuse game bugs. Report all bugs found on the forum. Result: Mute/Jail/Boot/Ban
-Don't ask administration for anything you can obtain yourself. Result: Mute/Jail/Other
-NO drawing attention to other byond games. Result: Jail/Ban
-No posting any kind of Mature/Pornographic content in the game. Result: Mute/Jail/Ban(key)
-Keep caps(shift/uppercase letters) to a reasonable amount, don't use them for everything. Result: Mute/Jail


-You must understand and obey the Player Rules in full. Result: Demotion/Ban
-Don't use verbs unjustifiably. Result: Demotion.
-Don't mute/boot/ban/jail people without cause. Result: Demotion/Ban
-Don't ask for a promotion. You'll get it when you deserve it.  Result: Demotion
-Do NOT pick favorites, your feelings to a person CANNOT effect your judgement. Result: Demotion/Edit/Jail/Ban
-And lastly, remember, your admin can be taken at anytime you prove to be a problem to the staff.


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